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Immune Boosting Tips

June 2013

Hay fever abounds as the seasons arm-wrestle for dominance - fluctuating temperatures, as we move into autumn, pose a challenge to our immune systems. To support you through this last leg of the allergy season, I would like to introduce some immune boosting tips. A general reduction in refined... Read more »

Mother Nature Nurtures

May 2013

HONEY FACTS by Dr Eva Mihal, Moya Naturopathy & Wellness Centre Consisting largely of carbohydrates in a highly digestible form, honey is one of nature’s most amazing energy foods and although honey has more calories than sugar, if you have it in a herbal tea or simply with hot water... Read more »

Birkett Legrand Chiropractic Practice

October 2012

The Birkett Legrand Chiropractic Practice is based on a totally hands on approach, in which the science of Chiropractic is enhanced by intuitive art from the practitioner. In the same way as a musician is able to fine tune his instrument for perfect sound, so we are able through chiropractic, to... Read more »

Sun Sense for Skin Defense

October 2012

Single sunburn blisters in childhood or adolescence will more than double your chances of developing skin cancer later in life. Five or more sunburns at any age will double your risk of melanoma (skin cancer)! About 700 South Africans die each year from skin cancer. These facts and extensive... Read more »


September 2012

With the lengthening of days, more light and warmth, spring is the perfect time to initiate positive change in your life. All around us nature models this process of regeneration; the sun shines, birds sing, flowers bloom and the pollen count is at 500mg per m3! If you are one of the many local... Read more »

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