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Why are women such good negotiators?

March 2013

A recent Special Report in Busisness Week states that,"as leaders, women ruleNew studies find that female managers outshine their male counterparts in almost every measure” We live and operate in a ‘high trust’ selling environment. We are also living in a business era that... Read more »

Nonny's Bakery & Cafe (Xhosa)

January 2013

Click here to read this article in English. Xesha ngu 6am Nomvuyo ‘Nonny’ Mayekiso qalisa ukubaka. Ngo 7am efumba lebiskiti linuka istrato sonke kuthi kungakudalanga abantu baye bagaleleka benzojonga banna yintony ebakiweyo namhlanje. Abanye bese ndleleni eya emsebezini... Read more »

Becoming Reccession Proof

November 2012

I believe that the best chance we have of fighting inflation and becoming recession proof is if we can learn how to more effectively invest our money. Many people say they are putting all of their extra money into their house bond, because the interest paid on house bonds is much greater than the... Read more »

Cafe Culture In Masiphumelele

January 2013

Click here to read this article in Xhosa. It’s 6am and Nomvuyo ‘Nonny’ Mayekiso has started baking. By 7am, the smell of freshly-baked biscuits, cakes and muffins soon brings customers on their way to work to her café on Masiphumele’s bustling Main Road. A while... Read more »

Invest For Success

October 2012

When I started teaching people how to trade or invest on the stock market about 11 years ago, one of my very first clients was a businessman in his sixties who was just about to retire. He had already been investing on the stock market for many years by the time I met him. He became a client, not... Read more »

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