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App Chat - 12

by Sean Houghton in December 2012 - Tech Circle

Most of these apps are available as free and bought versions across most smartphone platforms. Readers must check on their mobile app sites to see whether these apps are available on their smartphones.

Asphalt 5

Warning! Racing cars can be hazardous to your health!

Especially if you’re playing Asphalt 5…the coolest, funniest racing game available for mobiles and tablets. You can choose to drive any of the 30 dream cars, such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, in 12 locations, such as St Tropez and
Aspen, and challenge yourself in any of eight racing formats, such as Drifting, Cop Chases, Time and Last Man Standing.

You can download the free version of GameLoft’s awesome app but you should rather spring for the (rather expensive) Pro version. You won’t be sorry!

The graphics and accelerometers in smart phones bring Asphalt 5 to life and make it a very seriously addictive gaming app.

You have been warned!

Living Earth

Living Earth is an awesome app for keeping track of times and weather around the world. If you have business colleagues, friends or relatives in another country, you can select their town to know their local time and weather
conditions at all times.

The app features an HD spinning Earth graphic that allows you to zero in on chosen locations or even to view the world in various formats such as current and forecast clouds, temperature, or wind renditions. It also highlights current storms and allows you to zoom in over them. Living Earth is published by Radiantlabs.

Knots Guide

How many times do us mere mortals need to tie an effective knot only to end up with something as secure as soggy spaghetti? Here’s a simple little app for that day when you really need to get knotted.

Knots Guide by SusaSoftX is a simple and quick reference collection to over 90 different knots in 10 categories: Bend, Binding, Climbing, Decorative, Fishing, Hitch, Looping, Running, Stopper and Whipping.


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