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African Heartbeat

June 2013

A Djembe, which is a West African drum originating in Mali, Guinea Ivory Coast, is traditionally used as a form of communication. Rhythm is the heartbeat of every aspect of the culture, the Djembe always played at ceremonies, weddings and festivals. Djembes from various countries differ slightly... Read more »

Therapy and Art

February 2013

Sometimes words are not enough to express feelings. Sometimes there are too many words. But in most types of therapy, words are required to understand and process feelings and experiences. In the type of therapy where art making and art materials are used as the primary medium for communication... Read more »

Hayden Craft

December 2012

Hayden Craft is a dynamic husband and wife team, skilled in all manner of glass techniques. Their passion for this beautiful and versatile medium is captured in each unique piece, reflecting their constant search for new techniques and their aspiration to create works of excellence. The company... Read more »

A View From The Studio

January 2013

Driving along the N1 from an easterly direction into Cape Town, at the mouth of the CBD’s main artery – towering, steely structures of trade loom in the glare of a lapping Atlantic ocean. Dockyards silently bustle with the incoming cargo and outgoing merchandise destined for ports... Read more »

Surfboard Art

November 2012

"Debate will always rage about the purity of airbrushed boards. But before you side with the detractors (generally old guys living in log cabins with dogs named Sam), realize that if we had never decided to apply paint to foam, surfing would still be in black and white." - Greg Heller... Read more »

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