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Happy Easter!

April 2013

Bunnies are nocturnal, which means they are awake all night while you are fast asleep. They have large eyes and ears to help them travel in the dark, sneaking into your garden to hide brightly coloured eggs. Hiding in your garden, they watch with great excitement as you gather the eggs, and at the... Read more »

Turn Off the Power Go Green for an Hour!

March 2013

If you look out the window on the 23rd March at 8.30pm and notice that all the lights have gone out except yours, don’t panic. Don’t check the time in case you should be in bed, don’t feel sorry for the neighbours who have a power outage, don’t phone them and offer an... Read more »


February 2013

Air is all around us, but we cannot see or touch it. We can feel air when it moves, and we can also see the effect air has on other things. If you make the wind chimes on this page you will be able to hear the air make music! Key Chime What you’ll need: A plastic container lid from... Read more »

Earth Hour 2013

March 2013

Make a lantern for Earth Hour Time: 3 days Day 1: Blow up a balloon. Paste white tissue paper over the bottom of the balloon using a mix of glue and water. Hang up to dry overnight. Day 2: Add layers of colourful tissue paper. You can add leaves in between layers. Hang up to dry. Day 3:... Read more »


January 2013

ROAAR! My name is Leo the lion, ‘KING OF THE AFRICAN JUNGLE’. My family, known as a pride, lives on the flat plains, amongst the long grasses of the African Savannah. We spend most of our day (for 20 hours) snoozing in the shade, protected from the hot African sun. We are nocturnal... Read more »

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COMPETITION!! Unit Self-Storage:: Who’s footsteps has Tarryn Unite-Penny followed in setting up a new storage facility in Southern Suburbs?

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