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Pizzeria Villagio

in April 2012 - Cape Kos

Mother Nature definitely provided the human race with a cure to the seasonal blues when she produced a selection of grains that could be processed to present us with such a variety of scrumptious carbohydrate-rich foods.

But when that morning slice of toast or take-away pie at lunch becomes monotonous, it is time to treat your taste buds and indulge in the authentic taste of Italy – the home of pastas, pizzas and everything else ‘carby’ and flavour-filled.

Situated at Howard Centre in Forest Drive, Pinelands is the quaint recently opened restaurant; Pizzeria Villagio.

Here customers flock to sample the exquisite Italian cuisine and friendly service while appreciating the rustic decor which transports you to the Tuscan country side. You are not only guaranteed friendly service, but also a menu with a selection of mouth-watering dishes – the best part – you aren’t limited to use the original toppings, fillings and accompaniments. Pizzeria Villagio strives to make every diner’s experience one to be remembered so you are more than welcome to add on and remove the ingredients to suit your taste.

Main courses include the trademark of Italy, large, cheese covered and generously topped pizzas. If you feel the need to deviate from the ordinary take-away favourites, then this is the perfect spot. A delicately spiced chicken, brie and pepperdew topping accompanied by fresh rocket leaves (R60) is just one of the options. The thin and crispy crust and strings of delicious cheese really cater for those customers in search of a ‘melt in the mouth’ experience.

At Pizzeria Villagio it is not only the taste that counts. Each dish is guaranteed to be a feast for your eyes. A deep bowl filled with perfectly homemade al dente Tagliatelle pasta (R95) covered with prawns, mussels, calamari and line fish tossed and seasoned in tarragon butter, not only looks amazing but tastes the part too. After the first bite the urge to practise your pasta eating skills will be forgotten, you can lay the spoon aside and just ‘dig in’.

And for those individuals that are wheat and gluten intolerant – never fear. The Chicken Salad (58) is a must try. Fresh salad leaves and rocket is mixed with honey mustard chicken cubes, roast plum tomatoes, mielies, mange tout, spring onions and roasted cashew nuts – that adds a fuller flavour and extra crunch to the meal.

With a selection of freshly baked cakes, cheesecakes and meringues and traditional Italian desserts there is no need to not spoil yourself. After a satisfying main course, clear your palette with a glass of Pizzeria Villagio’s exquisite Vansha Ridgeback wine in preparation for this decadent ending to the perfect meal.

A generous portion of Tiramisu (R36) will awaken your senses. Creamy layers of mascarpone and  Savoiardi biscuits combined with cocoa and the slight hint of liquor leaves a pleasant and soothing aftertaste as a reminder of your Italian experience.

Alternatively the Villagio Panna Cotta (R36), a combination of cream, milk, gelatine, sugar and fresh wild berries served with a tangy berry sauce is another happy ending. The light and fluffy texture of the Panna Cotta makes this dessert ideal for anyone who wishes to avoid ending their meal with a ‘chocolaty’ treat.

So “when the dog bites, when the bee stings and when you’re feeling sad,” simply remember Pizzeria Villagio and autumn won’t be that bad.

All Full Circle restaurant reviews are un-announced and the meals paid for in full.

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