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Overnight Success or Flash-in-the-Pan?

April 2011

It’s funny in life and in business when things are going great that the outsider or onlooker often thinks it’s always been that way. We hear of those overnight success stories where a musician wrote a hit song in under an hour and it went platinum in two weeks, made 15 million dollars... Read more »

Keep It Stupid. Simple!

March 2011

Although I can’t say that I’ve ever openly admitted to watching the Oprah Winfrey show, I have to admit that at some point I must have watched it...even if for just a few moments while I was flipping through channels looking for sports. For some reason I always remember this one show... Read more »

Making it Happen

January 2011

It’s that time of year again when we start making plans for the new-year that’s upon us. Whether it’s a goal to shrink your waistline or to grow your bottom-line, the fact is you’ll need to stick to a plan if you want to make it happen. If you thought 2010 was fast... Read more »

Quit It!

February 2011

2011 is well on its way now and I’m sure those of you that have been inspired to get things done this year have for the most part already put a plan together... even if it’s still in your head and not down on paper yet. Having a plan in your head is great, just remember at some point... Read more »

Don’t Steal My Sunshine

October 2010

We’ve all got them, those people in our lives who make it their mission to bring us down... down to their level, I guess. We either choose to keep them around or if we’re lucky enough to recognise them for what they are – ‘toxic’ individuals – we can act swiftly... Read more »

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