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The Nature of Things

Rhinos Forever

December 2011

Let’s face it; rhinoceroses are neither beautiful nor intelligent beasts. Other than when very young, they are not cud-dly creatures. Indeed, rhinos are lumbering, belligerent behemoths. They have blundered their ways little changed and highly successfully so for tens of thousands of years. No... Read more »

You Are What You Braai

October 2011

As a boy, I was told by my mother that fish should never be eaten raw. Fish, eaten raw, she said, would make me sick. Phoney or not, I never seriously questioned this unadorned proposition until, as a young man, I visited the Arctic and Japan. Raw fish, I saw, was eaten with unbuttoned gusto by many... Read more »


August 2011

No, this is not going to be about Michael Jackson. I suspect, though, that several readers might have imagined a piece dealing with the biomechanics of reverse locomotion by androgynies. The subject of the actual narrative is, however, far more important than that. While also theatre of a kind, it... Read more »

Good and Evil

September 2011

First, a caveat: we understand only a small fraction of the complexity of what goes on in the 1.5 kg of grey matter that’s contained in our skulls. We don’t know, for example, why most of us choose to buy white, rather than green, underpants. This shouldn’t be taken to mean... Read more »

Community Spirit

July 2011

Here they come. The leading troupe rounded the bend, all iridescent colour, exuberant prancing and exhilarating noise. I gripped my father’s large hand tightly, as the parading procession of “coons” passed us. It was a long time ago. They were on their way to the old Green Point... Read more »

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